The 2018 MLS Teaser Video is Here

All the feels.

Major League Soccer just released its teaser video for the 2018 season and boy does it hit the mark.

The video, narrated by rapper 2 Chainz, perfectly encapsulates the culture of soccer in America. Titled “Our Soccer,” the 30-second spot shows the passion, diversity and energy across the league and its fans.

Video creators Cornerstone explained the premise of the ad, which places fans at the center of Major League Soccer’s growth. “[The video] is about the culture of North American soccer that draws fans and players to MLS,” shared Trevor Eld, Chief Creative Officer of Cornerstone. “This is the most diverse, progressive league in North America. We went inside the culture to discover these amazing qualities and bring them to life in an authentic way.”

While many other U.S. pro leagues focus on the on-field product before fan culture, MLS recognizes that the fan environment is central to the gameday experience and a big part of why the sport continues to succeed.

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