U.S. Struggles to Draw Crowd at StubHub Center

Pre-World Cup wasn’t supposed to look like this.

Even after three months, the wounds are still fresh.

Since the U.S. failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup last October, most American fans have been in a mixed state of sadness, anger, confusion and disappointment. Star players have faced widespread backlash, USSF leadership has been put into question, and fans have been less-than-enthusiastic to place much attention on the team.

Last night was an example of how lackluster the state of U.S. soccer fan engagement is at the moment.

In its first home game since the Trinidad & Tobago nightmare, the U.S. drew a measly 11,161 fans to the StubHub Center for a match against Bosnia & Herzegovina. That’s less than half the stadium’s capacity (27,000). Not to mention many of those fans were Bosnian supporters thrilled to see their national team on U.S. soil.

Organizers smartly packed fans into the television-facing side to maximize the aesthetics, but those in attendance witnessed just how sad the scene looked.

USA versus Bosnia at StubHub Center (photo credit Jeff Carlisle)
Credit: Jeff Carlisle

Granted, the names on the roster didn’t provide many marketable storylines, but even then it was a shame given the fact that three months ago we were in Orlando witnessing the most insane home U.S. soccer atmosphere.

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