Is Cincinnati the Home of the Next Great MLS Fanbase?

Major League Soccer could use another fan base like the one in Cincinnati.

If there’s one team that has quickly become a national sensation the past few weeks, it’s FC Cincinnati.

Thanks in large part to the nationally-televised upset victory against the Chicago Fire in the US Open Cup, FC Cincinnati and its supporters have proven themselves ready for the MLS limelight.

32,287 supporters erupted when the team won on June 28, and now the cinderella story keeps on rolling after FC Cincinnati beat Miami FC to advance to the semifinals.

Upon returning, the team got a warm welcome from a handful of fans at the airport and we can only assume the airport crowds will grow larger if they can make it to the finals. Not to mention, if the chips fall favorably on the other half of the bracket, we could see another home game at Nippert Stadium in Cincinnati.

The strong fan support comes at the perfect time.

If the club can solve some of the looming questions regarding corporate support and stadium negotiations, the fan base on the Ohio-Kentucky border looks ready to compete with the likes of Portland, Orlando and Seattle.

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