Leading MLS Expansion City Hits Major Setback

Good news for many, bad news for one city’s soccer fans.

What are those faint cheers we hear coming out of Phoenix, Cincinnati and Sacramento? It’s the sound of soccer fans celebrating the latest news coming out of San Diego.

For the past few months, San Diego has led the way in the most likely MLS expansion cities. They had the private funding secured, the plan had broad community support, and even U.S. soccer hero Landon Donovan was on board. But over the past few weeks, local leaders have begun to sour on the deal.

The debate is largely centered around the value of the land where the stadium will be built, and whether that space should go to the MLS investors or San Diego State University, the major college in the area.

And today, local San Diego politicians delivered a major blow to the momentum in San Diego. The San Diego City Council voted against a November 2017 special election that would have decided the fate of the next MLS team in Southern California. Instead, it’s looking more like a vote won’t happen in San Diego until 2018, which means the race for those two coveted 2017 expansion slots got a bit more competitive.



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