Orlando Fans = European Fans

Two questionable red cards don’t deter Orlando fans from willing their team to a result.

Following an intense 0-0 match between Orlando City and the Chicago Fire, Orlando captain Will Johnson had some bold words to share during his post-game interview…and we couldn’t agree more. When asked about the crowd support during a game in which the team received two questionable red cards, he said:

“It’s huge. They’re so knowledgeable, it’s like you’re playing in Europe or Central America. They understand the game and they understand what a big result 0-0 is. Americans used to think that a 0-0 draw was a boring game. If you watched that game, that was anything but. Congrats to our fans for helping us and help get that point for us.” 


While some may see Johnson’s comparison as a bit of hyperbole, this is a small but very important indicator of the evolution of soccer fans in this country.

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