LAFC Announces Standing Section… with Seats

Latest LAFC stadium news is both exciting and a head scratcher.

Years from now, we’ll sit around the fireplace and reminisce about the good ‘ole days of MLS when penalty shootouts had a lot more action and supporters sections had full-on seats.

And if the recent trend is any indicator, that time may come sooner rather than later.

LAFC, the 2018 expansion franchise, just announced a safe standing section for its brand new stadium. Named the “North End,” the space will be the third of its kind in the MLS, with San Jose and Orlando stadiums already pioneering the new spectator format.

The North End will have a 34 degree slope which will earn LAFC the honor of the steepest supporters section in the MLS. They will also install what they’re calling rail seats – a.k.a. raised foldable chairs. Now, this sounds nice in theory but defeats the purpose if the goal is to create a wild atmosphere every second of every match.

We understand the decision because it will help stadium owners sell tickets for alternate sporting events where fans may not enjoy standing all game. But come on LAFC, are the seats really necessary?!

With that said, we’re excited to see what kind of culture LAFC supporters create during their inaugural season.

And if you’re a sucker for fancy stadium renderings, check out the designs for the LAFC stadium here. Spoiler alert: It involves a swimming pool.


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