The Wait Continues for a Boston Stadium

Talks stall to move the New England Revolution out of its current NFL stadium.

As we outlined last year when researching where the best supporters live, one of the keys to success when it comes to fan support is an urban stadium. U.S. fans don’t like to travel far distances for a match (yet) and the most successful clubs are often the ones with stadiums right in the heart of their respective downtowns.

So it’s no surprise that the owners of the New England Revolution have stadium envy as clubs like Orlando and Atlanta are getting brand new venues right in the heart of their cities.

The Kraft Group, chaired by famous team owner Robert Kraft, has long been searching for a suitable location to move into. Its current stadium, shared with the New England Patriots, sits a distant 45-minute drive away from the city. And in today’s modern MLS world, that is just too far and too long. Especially for a sports-crazy town like Boston.

Unfortunately, the momentum for a downtown Boston stadium hit a snag today as talks to use a plot of land in the southeast corner of the city have ended.

Given Robert Kraft’s sports and business savvy, we certainly expect him to find a solution soon, but this was the best option available right now. Boston fans will have to wait a little longer for their coveted downtown venue.


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