Portland Timbers Adding More Stadium Seats

There are 4,000 anxious fans who are very happy in Portland right now.

Already one of the most well-known soccer venues in the MLS, Providence Park is getting an upgrade. Thanks to private funding totaling $50 million, 4,000 seats will be added to create an even more raucous environment for the Portland Timbers.

The move will likely catapult Portland into the top five for annual attendance once it opens in 2019/2020. The current capacity stands at 21,1444, so the new figure will amount to a total of 25,000+ seats. This would put the Portland stadium on par with the new Orlando City Stadium and just above the New York Red Bulls’ Red Bull Arena.

What’s even more promising is that the club already has a season ticket wait list of over 13,000 fans, so we expect Portland to easily sell the 4,000 additional seats and continue hitting its stadium capacity each game. If anything, they should start fundraising for the next 4,000 seat upgrade.

MLS is growing fast in the Pacific Northwest!

Read more about the news here.

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