How Trump presidency created quiet anti-fascist movement in America’s soccer stadiums

Read about the emergence of anti-fascist supporter groups in Major League Soccer.

Yahoo Soccer reporter Leander Schaerlaeckens writes about the emergence of anti-fascist supporter groups in Major League Soccer.

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

Soccer stadiums have historically been hotbeds of political sentiment. The world over, views from all points on the ideological spectrum have found a place on the terraces, where every imaginable political view is voiced and channeled through support for the local team.

Sometimes, it has gone further. The Egyptian revolution of 2011 was fueled in large part by soccer supporters, who organized at games, created a force forged from rival fan factions and manned the front lines of the Tahrir Square protests that helped to overthrow dictator Hosni Mubarak.

But this has been much less true in North America, although, in the early days of MLS, leftist New York MetroStars supporter groups pushed out a nascent right-wing element trying to shoulder its way in.

Yet, quietly but surely, “antifa” – as the anti-fascist movement is broadly referred to – is on the rise in American soccer stadiums. This is a direct reaction to the current political climate in which the far right has made very visible inroads since the election of President Donald Trump.

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