Would San Diego Sports Fans Embrace MLS?

Will San Diego sports fans embrace a new pro team just after losing the Chargers?

As we speak, cities across the U.S. are scrambling to present┬áthe best proposals to Major League Soccer in hopes that they will be awarded the next expansion team. MLS is planning to expand to 28 clubs, and the next decision on who two of those clubs will be is set to take place later in 2017. Needless to say given today’s booming U.S. soccer landscape,┬áthe competition is stiff.

But what we’re most interested in is what city will be the next Portland or Orlando or Atlanta when it comes to fan bases?

Over the coming months, we will share all the videos and information related to fan excitement (or lack thereof) surrounding each MLS expansion bid.

Today, we have a video from San Diego where a local journalist asks residents whether soccer would be welcome in the city best known for its surfing, baseball and (errr…) NFL football.


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