Copa America TV Ratings

Ask anyone, soccer support in the United States is growing. The number of games that are regularly televised. The amount of people that play from youth leagues to adult recreation. All signs point to long term growth.

And one of the biggest indicators is the television ratings for different games and tournaments. The latest was the Copa America Centenario, a tournament was largely created as a money-making scheme for the governing bodies. Some teams took the tournament seriously, others (ahem, Jamaica) treated it as a glorified set of exhibition matches.

Nevertheless, this was a major moment for the USA soccer squad to play against some of the big guns. And likewise a barometer test for fan support.

Here are the English viewership figures for the USA games (excluding the 3rd place game):

Friday, June 3 against Colombia – 1.54 million
Tuesday, June 7 against Costa Rica – 1.6 million
Saturday, June 11 against Paraguay – 2.06 million
Thursday, June 16 against Ecuador – 2.13 million
Tuesday, June 21 against Argentina – 3.29 million

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