Sometimes soccer transcends sport.

In 2006, it brought warring factions in the Ivory Coast together after qualifying for the World Cup.

Today, closer to home, it is helping the community of Orlando heal.

In the wake of the Orlando shooting tragedy at Pulse night club, where 49 innocent lives ended too early, players from Orlando City SC and the San Jose Earthquakes will take the field to do the impossible – help a city get back to some semblance of normalcy.

We cannot ever forget those horrific acts. Nor should we.

But in those brief moments of elation after a goal or a beautiful play, while standing side-by-side with thousands clad in purple, Orlando can smile a little bigger and remember that joy still exists.

Orlando is a unique place. Since joining Major League Soccer in 2015, the city has embraced their team like few other regions have.

Yes, thanks to its tourism, most would consider it a major metropolitan city. But with just over 250,000 residents, oftentimes it resembles a close-knit town.

And today, that town and everyone watching will come together for their team and for a greater global purpose. We are all #OrlandoUnited against evil.

Check out what the team is doing for the game and consider donating to the OneOrlando Fund.

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