MLS Attendance Trending Downward for Older Clubs

At first glance, the week 2 figures for MLS attendance were not that good. Seven teams played home openers in week 2, and only two of those teams sold out their stadiums. That means five teams couldn’t get enough fan support on one of the easiest days to sell tickets historically.

But diving deeper, the signs might be even worse for some of the older clubs in the league.

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The good…

Sporting Kansas City: This team sold out the stadium and you could tell from the noise that every seat was full. Last year, they averaged near-sell outs for every game and 2016 should be no different.

Montreal Impact: The young club set the bar high with 27,000+ at its home opener. This is a great sign for a team that averaged 17,703 in 2015.

Colorado Rapids: They only needed 500 more fans for a sell out but it’s nice to see Colorado trending upward from 2015’s average attendance of 15,657.

New York City FC: We’ll put this in the good category but it could go either way. The club sold 43,507 tickets for opening day in 2015 so this year’s 30,315 is disappointing. However, last year was the first game ever for the club and expecting those type of attendance figures is a bit ambitious in year two. After all, they still beat their 2015 average by more than 1,000.

The bad…

New England Revolution: We’ve already talked about the challenges for this team playing its games so far outside the metro area. But garnering only 16,102 for a home opener (on a nice day in Boston) is disappointing. That’s more than 600 fans fewer than the 2015 average.

Houston Dynamo: The Texas club sold approximately 800 fewer tickets in both week 1 and week 2 of 2016 compared to the same games in 2015. The downward trend isn’t looking good in Houston.

Real Salt Lake: Although they didn’t fall short by much, it’s a shame that Real Salt Lake couldn’t get a sell out for opening day. In 2015, they averaged sell out level figures. We hope this doesn’t signal what’s to come in 2016.

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