Giftastic Recap: Orlando City vs. Real Salt Lake

Every week we spotlight one game and relive the fan experience in the best way possible…through gifs.


Walking into the Citrus Bowl, Orlando City fans are noticeably excited about the return of the MLS season.
MacAlwaysSunnyHappy gif



Season ticket holders are reunited with their friends.UNCgif


And many start talking about how this could be “their” year.
Praying gif


The game starts well. Orlando is creating chances and the fans sense something is coming.
AzizHappy gif


Then even more good news. Real Salt Lake’s Demar Phillips picks up a second yellow to give Orlando a man advantage. “Could we be so lucky???”LittleGirlplease gif


“No, you idiot. We can’t be this lucky.” Out of nowhere Orlando City commits an unnecessary foul in the box.


And Real Salt Lake takes a 1-0 lead.Pixar pissed


“It’s OK. We are Orlando. We are still up a man and controlling the pace of the game.”CamNewtonwegotthis


Welp, so much for that advantage. Orlando’s Darwin Ceren decides it’s a good idea to throw an elbow, which earns him a red card.WhyWhyWhy


And soon after Real Salt Lake adds another goal to make it 2-0. WWFangry


“Why does this happen… every. single. time?”SmallCry


Chance after chance is missed. And as the game enters stoppage time, hope turns to acceptance. Goodbyes are said. All is lost.
Cry goodbye


Wait! All of a sudden Orlando City scores. Could it be?! Child birthday happy


“We can’t give up just yet. There’s still time.”
PolarExpress believe


No, don’t be stupid. There’s not enough time left. Blackish sigh


OH MY GODDDDD!!! Long clearance. Great positioning. Battle for the ball. Did that ball just go in? GOAL ORLANDO!!!
MinionsExcited gif


The stadium loses it.
Bat Family excited


Like, literally loses it. Things get weird for a while. Champagne in pool celebrate


And in the end, Orlando fans remind us yet again why they should never be counted out.OrlandoCityguy.gif

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